Transform your outdoor space with creative and practical solutions from concept to completion.

The following is how the design/install process typically works, but we’re flexible, we can do it however it best suits you.

Initial Visit and Consultation

After contacting us we will arrange an initial visit on site, at no cost, to discuss your needs and introduce you to the design process. At this meeting we’ll discuss the project, your tastes, requirements and budget. Thereafter, we will be able to provide you with a fee proposal.

Site Survey

An accurate basemap of the area to be landscaped is required before any design work can take place. It shows the house, boundaries, existing features and topography for the subsequent preparation of the landscape design.

Concept Plan

For most projects, rough concept plans are done by hand over the basemap. This allows us to get ideas down on paper and give you a range of options. We will then meet to go over these concepts and talk through any changes you may wish to make, as well as discussing project phasing and further detail design work, if necessary.

Layout Plan and Planting Plan

The layout plan incorporates any amendments agreed with you. Specifications of construction details will accompany this plan. We will take any input you give us on plant likes, dislikes, colour, style, etc. and create a planting plan. This plan shows the location and spacing of all plants, both new and existing. We will also provide digital images of the recommended plants. An accompanying plant schedule will list the proposed plants; their names, sizes and quantities. We’ll discuss the planting plan and make any changes as deemed fit. From these plans we will be able to estimate the cost and propose a time-line for the installation of the design.


Installation of the Design

The sequencing of the installation usually follows these steps:

• amenities, such as gas lines and irrigation lines, are marked
• existing trees/plants and other areas that are to remain are protected
• demolition, removal and excavation of the area
• rough grading, trenching and running of any necessary conduit
• construction of the hardscape
• rough grade of gardens and lawn areas
• installation of irrigation lines and heads
• add new soil/compost if necessary
• plant trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, mulch
• grade lawn area then install turf
• add furnishings if desired


After the job is done, if you would like we can provide maintenance for your garden seasonally, monthly or weekly.