Transform your outdoor space with creative and practical solutions from concept to completion.

Before Meeting

The questions below may help define what you are looking for in your outdoor space.

What is the main focus of what you would like to do in your garden?

• relax and unwind
• appreciate the view
• entertain and have fun
• enjoy and nurture the plants and wildlife

How would you like your garden to look?

• chic and minimal
• calm — a space to reflect
• fun and funky with personal art
• romantic — filled with flowers
• sustainable and productive

How do you want to feel in your garden?

• peaceful and calm
• restored and rejuvenated

How much maintenance do you want your garden to need?

• six times a year
• twice a month
• once a week
• three times a week

Other Questions

Are there children or pets?

What is the favourite/least favourite thing about your current outdoor space?

Are there areas that need to be screened for privacy?

Do you need an area for garbage cans, compost, rain barrels?

Do you need additional walkways/changes to walkways?

Do you like natural or man-made materials?

Would you like accent boulders?

Are there plants you’d like to keep/remove?

Do you want drought-tolerant plantings or will you use an irrigation system?

Are there colours you like/dislike?

Will you be using your outdoor space in the evening?

Do you need a dining/food preparation area?

Do you have problems with wildlife?

Some Additions You May Like

patio, deck, retaining walls, pathways, steps, fire feature, water feature, lawn,
arbor, dry creek bed, sitting area, vegetable garden, garden art, shed


Will you be phasing in your landscape project?
Do you have an idea of how much you want to spend overall?

Additional Thoughts

Let us know if there is anything else we need to know to help design your landscape. It can also be helpful if you have photos, books or magazine clippings of things you like at the time of our meeting.

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